Florida Firm Wins $57Mln Contract for Key Supersonic Engine Part - Pentagon / Sputnik International

2016-02-02 19:21

The US Defense Logistics Agency has awarded TurboCombustor Technology in Florida a $57.6 million contract for afterburner flame holders for supersonic aircraft, the US Department of Defense announced.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — An afterburner, or reheat, is an additional component present on some jet engines, mostly military supersonic aircraft, to provide an increase in thrust, takeoff and for combat situations.

"TurboCombustor Technology Inc., Stuart, Florida, has been awarded a maximum $57,607,803… contract for aircraft afterburner flame holders," the announcement stated on Monday. "This is a one-year base contract with four one-year option periods."

TurboCombustor Technology describes itself as specializing in the complex fabrication of gas turbine engine parts with core capabilities that include laser services, air flow measurement, thermal coatings and electrical discharge machining.

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